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FM Global is an American mutual insurance company based in Johnston, Rhode Island, United States, with offices worldwide, that specializes in loss prevention services primarily to large corporations throughout the world in the Highly Protected Risk (HPR) property insurance market sector. "FM Global" is the communicative name of the company, whereas the legal name is "Factory Mutual Insurance Compa


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Assistente Administrativo says

"Se você não fez engenharia, cabe pensar 2x se vir para cá é uma boa opção. Enquanto há uma possibilidade enorme de crescimento para os engenheiros, para aqueles que estão na administração o crescimento não existe. Me sinto desmotivada ao ver pessoas com 7, 8 anos de empresa que trabalham muito e não tiveram ascensão nenhuma. Eu me sinto desestimulada todos os dias. Como você não é engenheiro, já se pressupõe que você não sabe de nada."


"Very little collaboration going on, micro managing and poor leadership skills drive this company. Engineers are treated like gold and if you are not an engineer you are not respected for what you bring to the table. My leader fabricated her departments accomplishments in a professional group's magazine.Excellent gymPoor leadership behavior that is rewarded"

Employee (Current Employee) says

"this is a terrible company. they will drain all of your energy mentally/emotionally. do not waste your time or your sanity. low pay for too much stress. and dont think you can speak up about anything, or they will show you the door just like they have with so many great employees. #metoowork from homeeverything else"

clerk (Former Employee) says

"I worked for this company and was very unhappy with the job, the pay and especially the management - who are very sarcastic and treat the employees like overpaid idiots who can't do anything right! They even make up problems and put you in the middle just to prove their point! You try to defend yourself and that seems to make them even more determined to make you look bad! The pay is low and they didn't even give me a pay raise for the last three years that I worked there! They like to justify it by telling you how much they pay for your benefits. Come On! They treat you like a grade school kid by telling you not to be late because the CEO's window, in the Johnston headquarters, is near the entrance and he can see you! Like he even knows who you are!! SPARE ME! I worked there for ten plus years and had to work for the most agravating supervisor in the world. her name sounds like face. SHE WENT OUT OF HER WAY TO DO AND SAY EVERYTHING BAD ABOUT ME IN ORDER TO GET RID OF ME. I was glad to leave there and look for a better job with a good. That was a Big relief!good cafeteria and food!the poisonous atmosphere that the management strive to maintain!"

Developer/Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Little or no room for career advancement unless you are on the ‘favored list’. Poor leadership. Slow to respond to employee needs. HR is supportive of managers more so than employees."

Accountant (Former Employee) says

"There have been recent changes in the company that have left many people with low morale My main issue with FM Global is that it promotes the idea that it treats its employees well, yet there are many managers that are ineffective and/or verbally abusive and HR is completely ineffective with helping. In general, the managers stay and continue their behavior, and the employees either stay and are unhappy or leave. Internal promotions are rare, at least in my department. The company gives lip service to diversity but the ones in charge don't have diverse backgrounds and believe hiring women over men is all that needs to be done.Good benefitsAbusive managers are tolerated"

Client Processing Associate (Former Employee) says

"Very hostile and toxic environment to the point I could not do my job. Management plays favorites with employees. Micromanaged. If you report a problem then your life is made miserableBenefitsUnhealthy work environment"

Engineering Assistant III (Former Employee) says

"Over almost 8 years, the workload for this position has gone from basic administrative assistance to client-faced. Daily workload includes timesheet review, expense report review, numerous reports, follow ups, workload management for a team of 10+ engineers to include planning and scheduling of workload.Medical/dental/vision insurance, 401k with employer match up to 6%, Pension vested at 5 years, Paid parental leave, Short term and long term disability, Life insurance, Paid holidays/vacation/illness time, Option to buy additional paid vacation, Flexible and condensed work schedules available, annual company performance bonus eligibleMicro-management and lack of advancement (even to other departments), Gossiping/lying promoted by management, Favoritism, Illegal time reporting (not allowed to report overtime), Compensation does not match workload, Ineffective management and HR, Lack of company sponsored changes to systems and reporting"

Consulting Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Durch Einsatz im gesamten Bundesgebiet und Ausland kommt es zu einer hohen Belastung. 50 Stundenwochen sind eher die Ausnahme als die Regel und viel der Arbeit muss über das Wochenende erledigt werden. Fortbildungen finden ausschließlich in den USA statt, was zu weiterer Belastung durch die Reisen und den Aufenthalt führt. Daher entsteht recht schnell eine hohe, dauerhafte Belastung für das Familienleben statt. Werden Probleme angesprochen wird man vertröstet oder sogar gegängelt."

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Hard to get to fired Understaffed and Overworked Management promoted due to tenure and not skills gossip and backstabbing encouraged. Very political atmosphere. If you are looking to advance this is NOT the place for you. Nice vacation package, great benefits, 401k, health insurancePensions, 401k, Vacation and sick daysNo Growth, highly micromanaged, a LOT of gossip, promoted based on who you know"

Administrative Professional (Current Employee) says

"For many years I've worked alongside family and friends, enjoying the family mutal trends that a lot of my peers promoted to me when I first started. I believe that our company does care about our clients and how we promote engineering and reduction of risk. However, last year, a lot of people were let go after the company decided to restructure how the business and the IS workforce works. Some of those people were allowed to reapply for another position, while others were simply let go after years of hard work. More importantly, the company feels liberal and corporate-minded versus friendly and functional. Management pushes the board directive down to the working class employees who toil each day and make the company run. There is a loss of context and perspective in the upper echelon of the ranks within FM. There are at least 3 systems of bonuses and the past few years two of them thrived and provided 5 to 6 weeks of incentives. The last system which comprises much of the workforce, called EIP, has failed to deliver a single dollar to employees in 3 years. All that is delivered to the workforce are pleasant sounding holiday letters. Management has forgotten about the every day worker. They eat up a bulk of the company dollars in salaries and many of them aren't even necessary. FM has become too top-heavy. Overall, the experience has left me saddened and depressed about our future as a company.Engineering, Risk Reduction, Caring about ClientsLow Recognition, Low Reward, No Bonuses, Little incentives, Top-heavy Management"

Software Engineer (Current Employee) says

"They will get you interested with the great benefits package, but this company is no longer secure or a very good environment to work in. Management style is archaic, inept and the company is peppered with nepotism. They hired McKinsey to come in and get them ready for agile. The outcome was to layoff many employee's, even though there was no need to at all. Many were over 40 and are very good at what they do. This has negatively affected morale and productivity greatly. They put the entire IS department through a lot during the process. They eliminated over 150 jobs and made everyone re-apply for their old job, knowing very well who they were planning on letting go, regardless of the outcome of the interview. Yet, they kept nearly all the managers, many of which are quite inept. They laid off too many people for the work load and worse yet, they aren't ready for agile. It is clear management made these decisions too quickly and with no real plan surrounding resources in place. Managements expectations of IS are unrealistic. The open floor seating is horrible and makes it hard to concentrate. Zero privacy. No work from home policy. Things seem to be getting worse, not better. The pension isn't worth it. Sad that this is no longer the company it used to be.Pension and 401K match are good. Vacation buy offered.Archaic management style, inept management, too much nepotism, don't care about employees enough, poor raises, no work from home policy"

Employee (Current Employee) says

"Company has lost its identity in recent years. Loss of respect after decades of top industry reputation. Attempts to become a software company through a rushed and botched Agile implementation has taken a toll on morale."

Consultant Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Overall I enjoyed the job until I received a new manager at the beginning of my second year. He had very poor interpersonal skills, and he had a hard time understanding me as a person. This led to him being somewhat ruthless in terms of the expectations of the job, and eventually forced me out when I could not keep up. Not that I wasn't where I needed to be, but rather he made sure to make it seem like I was not to give justification to fire me. If you have a good manager, it is a great place to work. If you don't, start looking for other options sooner rather than later."

FM Global (Former Employee) says

"A nice building to work in, but if you are applying with any experience or education it means nothing. People get moved departments due to years of work and are giving job roles with no experience.Most managers have worked their way through the ranks after years of grafting, and by pleasing the right people. The pay is below average, and they value benefits as dollar signs.If you are happy to work in a building with an average age of 40 + who have worked there for 10 - 20 years then this is the place for you.Finally they have bad management who are lacking social skills and people skills, who show presentations of themselves to their department, it is very cringe worthy.nice building, moving blindsparking spaces are color coded, education and experience means nothing, bad management."

Senior Access VBA Database Developer (Former Employee) says

"there is no comment I have to describe another company, please use your own judgement on this because this would be a biased question and its not good"

Senior Accountant (Current Employee) says

"Your happiness depends on the manager. There is very little room for advancement due to low turnover. There is strong job security but small yearly compensation increase,Job SecurityManagers"

Business Analyst (Current Employee) says

"After coming from a larger insurance company, it's amazing to me how FM Global stays in business. The IS management has no real industry skill, and most of them only have their jobs because they've been here forever, "Tenure over merit" should be the company motto. There is no emphasis on career or professional development. While HR puts an emphasis on it, in practice managers just sweep it under the carpet, and ignore fundamentals like goal/objective setting, and skill advancement/training. Aside from incompetent management, and lack of career advancement opportunities, the work life balance is pretty good, and the benefits are adequate. Had I known what I was getting in to, I would have never accepted a position here at FM Global, and I would not recommend the company to any of my friends/colleagues."

Client Service/Sales Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I assisted the vice-president in his day to day work by completing daily, weekly, and monthly reports and projects as they came up.The work environment became quite bad due to job insecurity and gossip.The job became very hard when most of us were doing the job of two, if not three, people due to layoffs.The most enjoyable part of the job was that I met a lifelong friend.benefitsjob insecurity and gossip"

Claims Technical Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I'd rather not answer any questions about FM Global The day was sunny and hot, but I was under an umbrella. The sun didn't really affect me other than the warmth."

Répartiteur consultant (Former Employee) says

"I worked with nice people with who i will work again. The compagny structure is so tight that good work is not rewarded. It make you loose your creativity and talent. Good benefit, ok salary. If you want flexibility and safe work. it your place.Great BenefitBad compagny culture and bad management"

B says

"Rude and threatening! Would not recommend him to anyone. Will be filing reports with the proper places 1st thing in the morning. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere. I see he responded so I will leave my reply here. I was contacted by his secretary or whoever she is to see if we were interested in life insurance. When we didn't respond to him right away we were flooded we phone called ,emails , and text messages. He would text me then email me immediately after. Then yesterday I was at the store my phone dropped the call and he claimes I hung up on him. I responded back telling him I was sorry and explained what had happened. I also stated that I didn't like the fact that he was pushy . After that a parade of emails ,texts ect went on till 11pm last night. He stated be was black listing me and calling me a liar. I have saved all messages, emails, voice mails from him ect. I will be posting a link with all screen shots as well. I have spoken to the companies he has been representing and they were very unhappy to see how he has acted after emailing them the proof. After we are done contacting the places that need to be I will post a link to those we well. Let me add my husband is retired Law Enforcement and Danny has emailed my husband's personal information including SSN ,POE, ect in a unsecured manner."

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